JLP Russia is a new global initiative originating from Russia headed by Joshua Levy alongside a team of talented producers and journalists to bring international public relations and events within the Russian Federation, whilst exporting the same. We focus on two main sectors which enable to further our initiative; education and events. As a new startup, with its first production in November 2016, we plan to empower, create and deliver mass media platform to students, artists and the public which enables them to work in media sectors globally at ease. Since our inception, our philosophy has been “putting people first” in whatever we do, and inspire creativity through the talents embedded within us. “Russia, historically has been at the forefront of arts and culture worldwide, and is renowned for its cultural heritage. What we do, is to provide the Russian people with an international platform so that they can showcase their talent to much broader audience, whilst bringing talent individuals from abroad to Russia” – Joshua Levy said. We operate a circular engine, which hinges on four distinct points.

We are not a news agency or mainstream media

The engine starts with training of students and individuals within Public Relations, complimenting the side field of communications, language and journalism. Working alongside Russian and international educational institutions, we plan to integrate “hands on” training, provided by prominent news and PR outlets, recognized internationally. We then bring the training over to Russia. The second hinge centers on media production, whereby students who receive PR education also perform tasks such as drafting press releases, working on editorial environments, on real projects through our media partners in Russia and abroad. The engine makes the third stop at talent exchange, where both trainees and our company jointly initiate events production process and begin collaborating with international and Russian partners including artists. The final stop is the event itself where we showcase our talents to the public who are invited, mostly on free entry basis. This is our way of saying thank you and “giving back” something to the people.

JLP RUSSIA - Education accreditation coat of arms

JLP RUSSIA – Education accreditation coat of arms

As we continue to grow further, we will be posting news and updates for you all. In addition, we are seeking investment for our proposal, so if you are an investor and find our proposition interesting, do get in touch with us. We will be glad to communicate with you. To the public, thank you for supporting us on our journey. We are here for you, without your support, we wouldn’t exist. Please do follow us on Facebook and VK, links at the bottom of the page.

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