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 Educational startup in Moscow, Russia.

From education to events, we create, empower and inspire Russian talent

Everything begins from education...

We dont spoonfeed you with business or language education

Instead, we create an educational plan for you, that will inspire the creativity with you to learn

Well begun is half done

If you have the motivation, sky's the limit

Learning languages and business communication is hard!, yes we know. But all we require is motivation from you, the rest we provide. Remember you can reach the stars, if you only try

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison (Inventor of light bulb)

Wealth of support from experts

Together with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English, Russia we have official educational support for teaching. This also includes our LMS and mobile application

We have also partnered with leading IELTS examining centers in Russia and examiners outside Russia for IELTS coaching and teaching.

Constantly evolving...

Life doesn’t stop, neither do we. In the coming future, we will be lauching UK accredited courses in Business and Communication.

We will also be creating specialised english courses for healthcare and other sectors.

We are an educational startup in Russia, providing learning support in Language and Business Communication courses.

As we continue to grow, more information will be added on our website. 

Our Educational Services

General English

These are everyday English courses ranging from CEFR A2 to C1 level including IELTS, which are designed to improve the language in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Within this course, the exams are administered by Cambridge English (KET, PET, FCE & CAE). IELTS (General and Academic) is separately administered by The British Council

The courses are mostly taught by native speakers of English, or by CELTA qualified Russian teachers with proven track record of exam success and learning.  

Business (Specialised) English

Business English and English Language for specialised industry sectors such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing etc.. is a separate course being run by us, in association with NCFE UK. These courses contain specific vocabulary and lexicons which are specific to each sector, including report writing, RX prescription in English, Clinical Summary, amongst others.

Currently we are in the process of formulating bespoke industry courses, however Business English Course are available and accredited by Cambridge English (BEC and Vantage/Higher Business English Certificate). In addition, we are also offering Medical English courses. For more information please click the button below

Russian as Foreign Laguage

Learning Russian is one of the toughest things students, expats and tourists face when coming to Russia. Therefore, we decided to create a Russian Language course, specicially for foreigners whose first language is English.

Similar to English CEFR, the Russian system uses  ТРКИ (Тестирование по русскому языку как иностранному) Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. We curently deliver courses from A0 (Elementary) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate)- ТРКИ-2 (Second level certificate).

The courses are taught by certified university teachers in Russia, whose Russian is native. 

Business Communication

In the coming months, we will be launching Certificates in Business Administration and workplace communication accredited from the National Council of Further Education UK. These courses will be exclusively be launched in English, for the first time in Russia with the aim to provide an international management and business administration perspective to the Russian audience.

The courses will be fully accredited from the United Kingdom and Russian Federation. 

About our courses in more detail

The above mentioned courses are only a few of them which are descirbed. Visit our dedicated course page to learn more about new and upcoming courses.

English Speaking Clubs

Speaking clubs are an innovative approach for learning any language. Currently we hold English speaking clubs for groups between A2 to C1 level, twice a week at several locations in Moscow. The speaking clubs follow a specific theme, in which engaging conversations are held with our students. This not only encourages them to use their cognitive skills, but also apply hands-on learning on taught English resources. The clubs are run by native speakers, or qualified Russian teachers

As we continue to grow further, we will be holding the speaking clubs are our official location at Nagornaya, Moscow.

Russian Speaking Clubs

Speaking clubs for Russian language are specifically catered for expats and students, who wish to improve their speaking Russian, which is considerably more complex than English. Owing to this, we conduct lessons for complete beginners (A0) upto pre-and upper intermediate level. The topic includes basic conversation, survival skills with phrases. The classes are held twice a week at several locations in Moscow, however later it will be held at our official address at Nagornaya, Moscow.

The speaking clubs are conducted by professional university lecturers who have significant experience in teaching Russian to foreigners.

For more information about attending, please visit our Facebook page.


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