Learn SMART English

We develop an individual plan for your education

Learn English, using specific and realistic goals created for you, for expedited learning

We manage your expectations and set realistic goals for learning in English with continuous testing and feedback

We put students first

We understand that you are unqiue and have your own learning abilities, which is why we adopt “student first” policy

Bespoke Courses in Business and English

In the coming months, we are preparing specialised English and Business courses for Communication and Healthcare and Telecom in Russia

How many attempts have you made to learn English?

Stop trying, it’s time to compile an individual program and begin!

First results after 3 weeks using SMART * English Course.

We already teach Russian Government employees, pharmaceutical clients, and several students who have improved their English levels within 3 weeks of taking our course

Let's Create an individual Learning Plan

13 + 9 =


For whom is this course?

We create roadmap for everyone

Unlike most schools who teach students and clients for “just learning” from our first meeting with you, we create a learning roadmap designed specially for you, which meets your requirements. Right from A2 Level of English leading up to a foundation level standard of MBA in English, we cater for your requirements and expectations.  The image on the left shows varying levels of English and Business levels which are taught by us. Because we have signed official partnership with BKC House in Moscow, together with official contract of cooperation with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English, Russia, you can be assured of the best education support offered by us.

Creating SMART Goals for Learning

SMART learning is an innovative approach for creating and setting goals for your education. Most students and clients that “what they learn” is not so important as “how they learn”. By creating realistic and achievable goals, we can deliver the best possible educational support, in order for you to achieve your goals. One of the ways we achieve this, is by creating our very own LMS (Learning Management System) online: https://edu.jlprussia.ru together with our iOS and Android application. Wherever you go, whatever you do, your educational materials can always be acccessed online Доступно в Google Play

A2 – Pre Intermediate

learning english jlp russia

Exam: Cambridge KET

This an entry level examination administered by Cambridge English Examinations, UK. Additionally, in some cases, this is your starting point of your language education with us.

In this test, students are required to perform basic reading, writing and speaking, in total 100 minutes. At JLP RUSSIA, we educate students for both KET for adults and Schools.

Total learning hours needed are between 180-200 which includes teaching and self study

Learning Hours

B1 – Intermediate

Exam: Cambridge PET

This is first level certificate exam administered by Camrbridge English Examinations UK. The PET exam certifies your proficiency for intermediate English and officially recongised by employers for entry-level employment working with English Language. However this level is not enough for entry to universities in EU or UK/USA 

Total learning hours needed are between 350-400 which includes teaching and self study. 

Learning Hours

B2- Upper Intermediate

Exam: Cambridge FCE

This is first level certificate exam administered by Camrbridge English Examinations UK. The PET exam certifies your proficiency for upper intermediate English and officially recongised by employers for mid-level managerial employment working with English Language. This certificate is required for entry to universities in EU or UK/USA 

Total learning hours needed are between 500-600 which includes teaching and self study.

Learning Hours

C1- Advanced

Exam: Cambridge CAE

This is first level certificate exam administered by Camrbridge English Examinations UK. The CAE exam certifies your command over English and officially recongised by employers for senior or C-level managerial employment working with English Language. This certificate is optional, but is required for Government/ Diplomatic/ Healthcare (Clinical) Professional positions.   Total learning hours needed are between 700-800 which includes teaching and self study.

Learning Hours

In similar English teaching levels, over the coming months, we will also educate students for Unified State Examinations in Russia with regards to English, with educational support from Camrbridge English Russia and Ministry of Education. We will be assessing USE marking scheme to that of CEFR English in full accordance to the exam preperation with native speakers.

It has been understood, that USE in English Language will be compulsary by year 2020 – TASS

We will be adding more information soon.

International English Language Testing System

We prepare our students and clients using official IELTS certified syllabus including lesson plans and books, with official support from The Cambridge University Press, Russia. Bands (6.5-7.5)

Our lessons plans and test markers are real IELTS examiners in UK/USA/Mexico and Indonesia who have more than 10 years of teaching experience


We are preparing business courses in UK management / EU and business English Contact Us

An individually designed program for you that can take into account the peculiarities of your language skills.

Start speaking after 2 months.


Action plan, how will this happen?

We conduct detailed testing of your skills

– Listening – Communication – Written skills – Grammar

We create an individual SMART training program

– We set specific goals – We use intermediate results to measure them – We create achievable goals based on your skills – We proceed from what you need, not what you want, so we set realistic goals – We optimize your time to achieve your goals

We learn English using all methods:

– Online Learning Management System – Facebook @Work – Whiteboards – Books – Presentations – Videos – Mobile app – And all which is needed..

We are based on UK educational standards

Which leads you to following certifications:





– And others..


We are interested in your successful mastery of English. Rather than returning money, we return hard work and perspiration which will lead you to success

Only the native speaker communicates with you. He does not understand Russian, so you will have to use only English cool

No more cramming! Only live in English, full immersion

We drink tea with oatmeal cookies twice a week in our conversational club. Join now!


TEACHER Native Sometimes
EDUCATIONAL PROCESS Individual curriculum based on SMART training program Open the book and read
COACHING We measure your results based on the goals set by SMART goals Not Available
ATTENTIVENESS Maximum 5-8 students in a single group. Minimum more than 10-12
TECHNOLOGIES Learning management system, Facebook @ Work, mobile application, etc.. Nothing
YOUR CURRENT SKILLS Having thoroughly studied your current skills, we are create a program to improve each part individually. Cannot determine current level   Learn Grammar!!
STUDY MOTIVATION We draw up a learning program for your motivation, how to achieve high results in English. Medium to high. Learn Grammar!!


Which we assist you in getting
cambridge english certificate jlp russia moscow This is sample Cambridge English certificate which is issued to candidates for passing A2 to C2 levels. We are currently in official collarboration with Cambridge English Exam Assessment and Cambridge University Press, Russia for providing outstanding educational support and learning materials to our students. Each exam pathway is structured, with learning plans created by highly experienced teachers from United Kingdom. 

Our learning plans and test papers are marked by official IELTS markers across the globe.

We provide ongoing educational support to all our students sitting for IELTS exam in assocation with genuine IELTS examiners who instruct and prepare each lesson. Togther with learning support from Cambrige University Press, we ensure that our candidates are over prepared for the exam, so that when they sit for their actual exam, they would find it much easier than expected.

Soon – We will be the first NCFE UK Accredited education center in Russia.

We are now in advanced discussion and collaboration with Department of Education in the United Kingdom and with NCFE (National Council for Further Education) to open our first business education center in Russia, that will accredit business and communication courses in English and Russian.


  • Most high-paying (White-Collar) jobs now require a high level of language. When comparing candidates for a job, the candidature with English command, will have an advantage.
  • With knowledge of the language you can get a visa to another country and not just a tourist! – English opens new vistas for you
  • Cutting-Edge modern knowledge can only be accessed using the English language.
  • If you work in a high-tech/ technolgies sector – without English, well, is not possible.
  • Read/View/Listen and Understand in English – we assure you, this is incredibly cool!
  • You will finally realise the unpleasent truth wink – you need to learn English, I do not know why, BUT, NOW! Using the method of SMART goals, you yourself will understand why you need to learn English and for what purposes.
  • You will finally forget the use of Google and Yandex translators
  • All the awkward moments associated with ignorance of the language will leave you forever.- Most importantly you will gain self-confidence like never before! INVEST IN YOURSELF 

We understand what problems you face

I don't have the time to remember the material
You don’t need to remember it and especially hurry, we design the SMART program, so that you understand the material and comfortably use it.
I don't have the time to learn
The lack of time to learn is just an excuse with a hidden meaning. You do not have enough motivation, clear plan of action and instructions of the teacher. We will do it for you.
I never learn English - it's too hard for me
Another excuse, with hidden meaning, that you don’t understand at what level you are, what level is next and how to achieve it. Let’s solve this question together
I do not have money to pay for the course, but I really want to

Come to our conversation club, for starters we will help you to create an individual training course and give you a testinnocent You will learn 10 new words after each visit. What we discussed during the conversation club, you will always have with you in your mobile application.

Remember nothing in life is free! However, we strongly encourge you to invest in yourself, it will pay dividends later. 

I don't understand how to decide on a suitable school or course
To be honest, we also do not know which course and school will suit you. That’s why we use the Cambridge English Placement Test, which will independently test your level and a training program will be built on this test. We have a roadmap created especially for you.
I need English here and now, but would like it quickly
So call! Number is listed in the header or leave a request through the form embarassed But remember, Moscow wasn’t built in a day embarassed



I. Sit for online Cambridge English Placement Test. Which includes:

  • Audio: Listening to the recording and answering the questions
  • Reading: A text is given read which is followed by questions

II. After testing, you come to us and we test your grammar skills:

  • The usage of time
  • Determining correct word order
  • Testing for parts of speech

III. Testing ends with interviewing you as a native speaker

1. We set goals before training. We ask you in detail why you need English. We determine personal value, how will you use it. What you want and what you need is not the same thing.tongue-out We will understand what exactly you need, not what you want. 2. Based on what your requirements, we develop your personal training plan based on SMART technology goals. Specific Measurable Achievable Relivant Time bound 3. Your personal training program will be in your LMS Online.

We use books with short stories – official books from Cambridge University Press, Russia.

  • All ebooks with .epub extension
  • Each e-book is accompanied by an audiobook (if available)

Dictionary– Cambridge English Dictionary Online. Video Content

  • TED talks
  • BBC Documentaries
  • BBC learning english
  • New York Times Learning


  • BBC World Service
  • NPR Radio


  • Daily Telegraph UK
  • BBC News UK
  • New York Times

Live Communication

  • English Speaking clubs for a specific level of English


  • Internal chats on our Facebook @Work platform

Testing Certification, administered with University of Cambridge

  • A2-C1

And all the other certifications, accredited from the UK

        1. LMS – the entire learning process on unified platform.
        2. Class Timetable
        3. Home Work.
        4. Assignment Marking. 
        5. Personal Email for education. (only during your enrollment with us)
        6. Microsoft Office 365 For Education  -we give you free access to Microsoft systems for working on your homework. (This also includes Office 2016)
        7. Mobile application – all the training you have in your pocket, always bring books, audiobooks, homework and everything you need always handy
1. Initially, there will be 3 groups per week. 2. Each class will be for 90 minutes, where an accredited lesson plan will be taught. However teachers will be using extra audio video content outside the plans for better understanding 3. Educational Aids: Projector, Audio Video content, Computers, inlcuding traditional stuff: embarassed notebook and pens will be used. In addition, guest speakers will be invited to hold classes, either personally or online. 4. Productivity is measured during scenario role-play, speaking tasks, and written excercises conducted in class or at home. 5. The classes (for now) will be held at our official address in Nagornaya, Moscow. For more details, please visit our contact page for map location.


This is the official English language test developed by University of Cambridge

Этот тест является единственным способом узнать достоверно ваш реальный уровень английского языка на основе Common European of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – А1, A2, B1, B2, C1 и C2. Оцениваются навыки чтения и аудирования.Подходит для любого уровня знания от нулевого до C2. Результаты будут представлены в доступном для понимания формате.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

– Thomas Alva Edison

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